My Friend Thinks She’s Pregnant

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Your Friend Thinks She’s Pregnant
An unexpected pregnancy can create a crisis situation for your friend. She may be feeling overwhelmed, scared or confused about the decision she’s facing. Let her know she’s not alone. Tell her about Your Choice Resource Center. YCRC offers a trustworthy place for her to talk to someone about her situation and explore choices for her next steps.

Is She Considering Abortion?
Before your friend makes a trip to an abortion clinic, she owes it to herself to obtain as much educational information about abortion as possible so she can make an informed decision. The client advocates at the Center can provide factual information about abortion methods and risk factors. Encourage her to schedule an appointment today.
Has She Verified Her Pregnancy?
If your friend is worried about being pregnant, the most important thing she can do right now is verify her pregnancy with an accurate pregnancy test. Encourage her to schedule an appointment at the Center. Our Center offers free pregnancy testing and we can help her find a doctor who can give her the medical care she will need. *YCRC is not a medical facility and does not perform abortions or refer for abortions.
What You Can Do
As her friend, you can help her understand her pregnancy and choices for her next steps by letting her know YCRC is here to help. Our client advocates can assess her needs and provide information about her concerns. Encourage her to schedule an appointment. You’re welcome to come with her to provide support.

Pressure From Family And Friends
An unplanned pregnancy often brings added pressure if your friend is worried about disappointing family and friends or losing a boyfriend. She may have many voices telling her what she should do. These opinions often make it difficult for her to feel freedom about making an informed decision. YCRC understands your friend may be overwhelmed with added pressure from other people. We’re here to help by providing a trustworthy place for her to learn about her options. Our goal is to provide factual information and support so she can choose what’s best for her unique circumstance.
All services at YCRC are Free and Confidential.

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