Education & Support Services

In addition to the 50+ Learn to Earn Classes offered in our HOPE program we offer the following classes:

Child Birth Classes - Clients learn about the physical & emotional changes during pregnancy, signs of labor, premature labor, the stages of labor, delivery and cesarean delivery. This is a two week class.

Baby Care & Parenting Class - Clients learn how to care for newborns and develop or freshen up on parenting skills. This is a four week class and requires attendance at all classes.

Stewardship Classes - Conversations on how to manage your money for your family. Our money is one of the hardest things to manage, especially in a culture that portrays such a high standard of normal. We want to have open and authentic conversations with other parents on how to make healthy money decisions that will positively impact our families. Discussions range from budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, investing for your future, need vs. wants, etc.… This is a four week class.

TLC - The Lactation Club - Breast Feeding Support Group - This class is for pregnant, newly delivered or an experienced mom. Babies up to age 3 months are welcome. This class is offered on a weekly basis.

Women's Bible Study Classes & Couples Bible Study - Classes will help in every area of life. Bible Classes and individual study is offered.

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