Abortion decisions are difficult and so are the emotions that follow. Through our Abortion Recovery Care program, we have helped many men and women find forgiveness and healing after their abortion experience. Our trained specialists are here to assist you in your healing – you do not have to carry this burden alone.

If you have had an abortion and are dealing with any of these, we are here to listen. Contact us at heart@yourchoicenc.org

Ask Yourself

What is Abortion Recovery Care?

Begin Your Journey


Begin Your Journey

We know that beginning this journey takes vulnerability and authenticity. We are here to help you walk
through this in a free and confidential environment.

Step 1: Fill out this form (link to google form)
Step 2: You will be contacted by our trained Abortion Recovery Care Coordinator
Step 3: Set up an initial visit with the coordinator
Step 4: Begin your journey of being forgiven and set free!

    We Are Here for You

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